Carraige House Tack Room

Your first glimpse of the carriage house tack room brings you to the winners circle…eco-green.




The circular theme throughout is a constant reminder of the natural cycle of nature in this eco-friendly inspired environment. The flooring consists of leather tiles that once started life as shoe leather. The recycled glass mosaics envelope the well worn horse shoes. Textured grass cloth wallpaper and sustainable fabrics are complimented by the bamboo ceiling to complete the room. All this provides the earthy backdrop to expressive organic art from Jim Toia.




The inspiration for this space begins with nature by inviting the outside in. Durable flooring is essential for a busy family using carpet constructed from recycled plastic woven to simulate grass it adds layers of texture while the natural stone floor adds timeless beauty. The bark wallpaper and painted vines transports you to an afternoon walk on reservation trails. While the 50’s salvaged leather conveyor belt is repurposed as a chair rail for a bit of the unexpected. Metal rings from a defunct GE turbine went from moving industrial parts to moving your eye around the room. Keeping with the theme the stairs are covered with a 20” wide conveyor belt from a food processing plant that is trimmed with the same recycled plastic carpet from the main hall bring both spaces together.




The Before pictures of this space highlight it's magical transformation.