Elk Track
The perfect lodge home that is elegant yet has a wonderful sense of informality.


The call of nature inspires the color pallet for this room with the beautiful hues of the fireplace. The rustic space brings both comfort and conversation together with appropriate sized seating designed to anchor the space for two or ten. Layering fabrics and incorporating different finishes gives the impression the pieces were collected over time.



The open floor plan gives way to casual yet sophisticated entertaining starting with a pair of oversized flameless chandeliers. The dining chairs are simple in style, upholstered in tapestry reminiscent of royalty without being too formal. Notice the size of the chairs, they maintain comfort while keeping the view open for seamless conversation and laughter that can continue into the wee hours of the morning.



The perfect balance of masculine and feminine is used in this all occasion room with the rich leather and nail head detailed sofa, carefully paired with two feminine club chairs. The well appointed fabric gently plays with the rolled back and arms of the chairs, while the textured pattern below complements without being too fussy. A room that can be enjoyed from morning coffee to watching television in the evening, or anything in between.



Elk Track Family Room

Make a unique statement, go bold and observe how color brings this family room together. The deep tones welcome you to submerge yourself into the furnishings while enjoying your day. Spend afternoons lounging with friends and family is this family room.